A right-angled prism of refractive index  $\mu_{1}$ is placed in a rectangular block of refractive index $\mu_{2}$, which is surrounded by a medium of refractive index $\mu_{3}$ , as shown in the figure, A ray of light 'e' enters the rectangular block at normal incidence. Depending upon the relationships between $\mu_{1}$, $\mu_{2}$  and $\mu_{3}$ , it takes one of the four possible paths 'ef', 'eg', 'eh', or 'ei'.


 Match the paths in the list I  with conditions of refractive indices in list II  and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.


A) P:2,Q:3, R:1,S:4

B) P;1,Q:2, R:4,S:3

C) P:4,Q:1, R:2, S:3

D) P:2,Q:3, R:4,S:1


Option D


for e → i


 $\sin 45^{0}>\sin\theta_{c}$


 $\mu_{1}> \sqrt{2\mu_{2}}$

  For e $\rightarrow$ f

 angle of refraction is lesser than angle of incidence , so   $\mu_{2}> \mu_{1}$ and $\mu_{2}> \mu_{3}$  

 for e $\rightarrow$  g $\mu_{1}= \mu_{2}$

 for e  $\rightarrow$  h  , $\mu_{2}< \mu_{1}$ <  $\sqrt{2}\mu_{2}$ and   $\mu_{2} >\mu_{3} $