In this type of questions, a jumbled sequence of some letters, numbers and symbols is given, followed by certain questions based on it.

You have to study the given terms be it letters, numbers or symbols in relation to their location in the given sequence, and not as per their status in the English alphabet or Indian number system.


S K 6 £ Q 2 R * C F 8 E ß G 2 # 4 9 L N 3 U V 5 Y α B 7 W 9

S K £, is related to 9 W B in the same way as Q 2 * is related to

A) a V U

B) a Y 5

C) 7 B Y

D) B Y V

E) a Y V


Option E


In each pair, the corresponding elements of both the terms occupy the same position from the beginning and end of the given sequence.