A villager went to meet his uncle in another village situated 5 km away in the North-east direction of his own village. From there he came to meet his father-in-law living in a village situated 4 km in the south of his uncle's village. How far away and in what direction is he now?

A) 3 km in the North

B) 3 km in the East

C) 4 km in the East

D) 4 km in the West


Option B


262021520_dir 7.JPG

The villager moves from his village at O to his uncle's village at A pnd thereon to his father-in-law village at B.

Clearly, ΔOBA is right-angled at B. So, OA2 = OB2 + AB2 

=>OB2 = OA2 -AB2

=> OB =$\sqrt{25-16}$ km = $\sqrt{9} km$= 3 km. Thus, B is 3 km to th€ east of his initial position O.