Sanjeev walks 10 metres towards the south. Turning to the left, he walks 20 metres and then moves to his right. After moving a distance of 20 metres, he turns to the right and walks 20 metres. Finally, he turns to the right and moves a distance of 10 metres. How far and in which direction he from the starting point ?

A) 10 metres North

B) 20 metres South

C) 20 metres North

D) 10 metres South

E) None of these


Option B


 262021193_dir 8.JPG

Clearly, Sanjeevs distance from starting point A =AF=(AB+BF)

=>AB + (BE - EF) =AB + (CD - EF)

=> [10 + (20 - 10)] m = (10 + 10) m = 20 m.

Also, F lies to the South of A. So, sanjeev is 20 metres to the south of his starting point.