It is required to assess the candidate's eligibility or potential and thereby decide the action to be taken from among the given alternatives.


Study the following information carefully to answer the question given below:

Following criteria have been laid down for admission to an Anti-Terrorist Defensive course of Indian Army.

The candidate must - 

(A) have passed graduation with science subjects (B.Sc.) with minimum 50% agregate (Second Class). For SC/ST candidates, there is a relaxation of 5%.

(B) have completed 19 years of age in case of females and 20 years of age in case of males on or before 1st January, 2003

(C)  Pay deposit of Rs.25,000 along with the application form if the applicant has passed graduation in Second Class

However, if the applicant has secured more than 75% marks at graduation' the deposit amount would be Rs. 15,000 and if the marks are above 60% but below 75% the deposit amount will be Rs. 20,000. If the candidate is a son or daughter of the serving or ex-defence staff member, the amount of deposit will be 50% of that applicable to others keeping the merit criteria the same.

(D)  For SC/ST candidates, the deposit amount is 20% of that applicable to non-staff relation candidates and the condition of marks for each slab described above in (c) is relaxable by 5%

(E)  If a candidate fulfills the criteria at (A) and (B) but can pay at least three-fourths amount of applicable deposit, he/she may be provisionally admitted.

(F) If a candidate who is eligible under (A) and (B) criteria, can pay at least half of the applicable deposit the case can be referred to the Commander-in-Chief

(G) The candidates who are eligible under the criteria (A) and (B) but cannot pay even half of the applicable deposit cannot be admitted.

Parth,the son of an architect, has passed his B.Sc. with 63% marks. He was born on 8th December, 1982 and can pay a maximum of Rs. 15,000 as deposit


A) Candidate can be admitted

B) The candidate can be provisionally admitted

C) Candidate should be referred to the Command - in - Chief

D) The candidate cannot be admitted

E) The data given are not sufficient to decide the course of action


Option B


The deposit slabs mentioned in (C) and (D) may  be labelled as :


1972021354_Capture 14.PNG