It is required to assess the candidate's eligibility or potential and thereby decide the action to be taken from among the given alternatives.


Following are the criteria for selection of Computer professionals in an organisation :

The candidate must -

(i) be a Computer Engineer or MCA-with first class having minimum 65% marks.

(ii) have secured at least 50% marks in the Selection Test .

(iii) have secured at least 40% marks in the interview.

(iv) not be less than 21 years and not more than 30 years of age as on 1.10.2005.

In case of a candidate who satisfies all other criteria except:

(A) at (i) above but is an Electronics Engineer with 70% marks, the case may be referred to the GM, recruitment.

(B) at (ii) above but is having at least 2 years experience of working as a Systems Analyst, the case may be referred to the Chairman, Recruitment Committee.

In the following question, information of one candidate is given. You have to analyse it with refernce to the above criteria and conditions and then decide the appropriate course of action. You are not to assume anything other than the given information. Case is given as on 01/10/2005. 

Rohit Verma is a Mechanical Engineer with 75% marks, He was born on 6th July, 1976. He scored 66% marks in the Selection Test and 52% marks in the interview.


A) The candidate is to be selected

B) The candidate is not to be selected

C) The case is to be referred to the Chairman, Recruitment Committee

D) The case is to be referred to the GM, Recruitment

E) The data provided is inadequate to decide the course of action


Option B