It is required to assess the candidate's eligibility or potential and thereby decide the action to be taken from among the given alternatives.


A public charitable trust desires to select Medical Officers for its rural hospital based on the following criteria :

The applicant must -

(i) beholding MBBS degree with minimum of 50% marks

(ii) have minimum of 4 years of experience of full-time practice in rural areas

(iii) be ready to execute a bond of 3 years of service.

(iv) have good knowledge of the local language.

In case of the applicant who satisfies all other criteria except - 

(A) at (ii) above, but has 4 years of full-time experience of practice either urban or semi-urban area and spent at least 5 years in rural areas any time during his life, be referred to Secretary of the Trust

(B) at (iv) above, but has working knowledge of Hindi be referred to Assistant Secretary of the Trust.

(C) at (i) above, but has minimum 45% marks at MBBS and has done M.S. or M,D. with minimum 50%,be referred to the Chief Medical Officer (C.M.O.).

(D) at (iii) above, but is ready to give Rs. 25,000 as security money, be referred to the President of the Trust.

Gauri did her M.D. after doing her MBBS. She is ready to execute three years bond of service. She has good command over local language as well as Hindi. She has practised for 51/2 years in remote village out of her love for social service. She has obtained 77%, 88%, 47% and 56% at SSC, HSC, MBBS and M.D. respectively

A) To be selected

B) Not to be selected

C) Refer to Assistant Secretary

D) Data inadequate

E) Refer to the C.M.O


Option E