A figure, a set of figures an arrangement or a matrix is given, each of which bears certain characters, be it numbers, letters or a group/combination of letters/ numbers, following a certain pattern. The candidate is required to decipher this pattern and accordingly find the missing character in the figure.


 If the same functions are applied to teach the results in each of the three sets of numbers given below, then which number will replace the question mark in the third set of numbers?


A) 24

B) 30

C) 36

D) 40


Option B


 In the first set, we have $(21-17)\times\frac{5+7}{2}=24$

In the second set, we have $(28-25)\times\frac{13+7}{2}=30$

.'.   In the third set, missing number $(16-10)\times\frac{2+8}{2}=30$