(i) A, B, C, D, E, F and G are seven persons wearing a different colour shirt - white, red, black, green, yellow, blue and violet and different colour trousers - blue, red, white, black, cream, yellow and indigo. The persons, colour of the shirt and colour of the trousers above are not necessarily in the same order. No person is wearing shirt and trousers of same colour.

(ii) B is wearing red colour shirt and is not wearing cream or yellow colour trousers. D is wearing green colour shirt and indigo colour trousers. Colour of A's shirt and F's trousers is Same. The Colour of E's shirt and C's trousers is same. G is wearing blue shirt and E is wearing bLue trousers. F is not wearing any yellow dress. A is not wearing a white shirt. Red and blue is not the combination of shirt and trousers of any of the persons.

What is the colour of A's trousers?

A) Cream

B) Blue

C) White

D) Data inadequate

E) None of these


Option E


A wears red trousers