Here, the terms of the given series are a combination of letters and numerals, which have according to a set pattern.


N5V, K7T, ?, E14P, B19N

A) H9R

B) H10Q

C) H10R

D) I10R


Option C


1st letter : $N-3\rightarrow K, K-3\rightarrow H, H-3\rightarrow E, E-3\rightarrow B$

Middle Numbers : $5+2\rightarrow 7, 7+3\rightarrow 10, 10+4\rightarrow 14, 14+5\rightarrow 19$

2nd letter : $V-2\rightarrow T, T-2\rightarrow R, R-2\rightarrow P, P-2\rightarrow N$

Hence the answer is (c).