A rectangular room of size 5mX4mX3m is to be painted.If the unit cost of painting is Rs.10 per sq.m, what is the total cost of painting?

A) Rs.940

B) Rs.740

C) Rs.640

D) Rs.800


What is the surface area of the sphere with radius "2r" cm?

A) $4\pi r^{2}$

B) $6\pi r^{2}$

C) $16\pi r^{2}$

D) $32\pi r^{2}$


Three Spherical balls of radius 1 cm,2 cm and 3 cmmelted to form a single spherical ball.In the process, the material loss was 25%.What would be the radius of the new ball?

A) 4.5 cm

B) 3 cm

C) 3.6 cm

D) 4 cm


The radius at the base of a conical tent is 7 meters.If the slant height of the tent is 15 meters, what is the area of the canvas required to make the tent?

A) 30 sq.m

B) 60 sq.m

C) 300 sq.m

D) 330 sq.m


A rectangle sheet of size 88 cmX35 cm is bent to form a cylindrical shape with height 35 cm.What is the area of the base of the cylindrical shape?

A) 88 sq.cm

B) 616 sq.cm

C) 676 sq.cm

D) 600 sq.cm