A copper sphere of radius 3 cm is beaten and drawn into wire of diameter 0.2 cm. The length of the wire is

A) 9 m

B) 12 m

C) 18 m

D) 36 m


A semi circular sheet of a paper of diameter 28 cm is bent to cover the exterior surface of an open conical ice cream cup. The length of the ice cream cup is:

A) 10.12 cm

B) 8.0 cm

C) 12.0 cm

D) 14.0 cm


The circumference of the base of a 10m high conical tent is 44 metres. Calculate the length of canvas used in making the tent , where the width of the canvas is 2m.

A) 132.2 m

B) 134.2 m

C) 130.6 m

D) 131.8 m


500 men took a dip in a tank which is 80m long and 50m broad. What is the rise in the water level if the average displacement of water by a man is $4m^{3}$.

A) 25 cm

B) 20 cm

C) 45 cm

D) 50 cm


100 persons can sleep in a room 25m by 9.8m.If each person requires 12.25 cu.m of air. Find the height of the room.

A) 6 m

B) 5 m

C) 4 m

D) 10 m