Read the passage and answer the given question

There seems to be no chilly distance existing between the German students and the professor, but, on the contrary, a companionable intercourse, the opposite of chilliness and reserve. When the professor enters a beer hall in the evening where students are gathered together, these rise up and take off their caps and invite the old gentleman to sit with them and partake. He accepts, and the pleasant talk and the beer flow for an hour or two, and by and by the professor. properly charged and comfortable, gives a cordial good night, while the students stand bowing and uncovered, and then he moves on his happy way homeward with all his vast cargo of learning a float in his hold. Nobody finds fault or feels outraged No harm has been done.

What does the author mean by the phrase 'no chilly distance'?

A) Professor's home is not very far from the beer hall.

B) Students and the professor are very friendly with each other.

C) The weather is not very chilly in Germany

D) The professor being very strict scares the students quite a few times as in the beer hall.


Find the meaning of the given idiom 'A bolt from the blue'

A) An unpleasant event

B) An inexplicable event

C) A delayed event

D) An unexpected event


Find the antonym of the word AMELIORATE

A) Improve

B) Depend

C) Soften

D) Worsen


 Find the synonym of the word IMPECCABLE

A) Remarkable

B) Unbelievable

C) Flawless

D) Displeasing


In the given sentence, find out which part has an error. The letter of that part will be your answer.  If there is no error, mark (d) as your answer. She is a brilliant teacher (a)/ but of her three children (b)/ neither has any merit. (c)/ No error (d)

A) a

B) b

C) c

D) d