Direction to solve:

Here, the terms of the given series are a combination of letters and numerals, which have according to a set pattern.


W-144, ?, S-100, Q-81, O-64

A) U-121

B) U-122

C) V-121

D) V-128


 3F, 6G, 11I, 18L, ?

A) 21O

B) 25N

C) 25P

D) 27P

E) 27Q


2B, 4C, 8E, 14H, ?

A) 16K

B) 20I

C) 20L

D) 22L


D-4, F-6, H-8, J-10, ?, ?

A) K-12, M-13

B) L-12, M-14

C) L-12, N-14

D) K-12, M-14


Find the term which does not fit into the series given below

G4T, J10R, M20P, P43N, S90L

A) G4T

B) J10R

C) M20P

D) P43N

E) S90L