Strategies to Solve Aptitude Questions in Smart Way

While preparing for competitive exams like the Upcoming Bank Exams, the greatest challenge for certain students would be in the form of solving aptitude questions in the quickest manner possible. Here are some points that would be useful as signposts to address this challenge:

Right Study Materials: Aspirants should be careful enough while choosing the right study materials as there are plenty of them available in the market which would misguide students by providing information that are not relevant to the exam syllabus. Standard textbooks like the NCERT ones could be used as they adhere to the syllabus unlike any other text for most competitive exams like the IBPS.

Recapitulate: Before beginning the preparation for aptitude section, aspirants are advised to do a self-test on their clarity on basic math concepts till class 10. This is due to the fact that, most tests would assess your understanding of the fundamentals to test your calibre.  If you do not have the necessary clarity over the concepts, it would be beneficial to refer math texts of class 9 or class 10.   Once done, you would feel more confidence on how to tackle these questions. However students should be careful on not to attempt tough questions right from the start as it would dent your self-esteem until you gain the needed skill and competence to solve them. Hence just skim through the basic concepts and recapitulate things. Work from the basic questions and acquire the pace and accuracy to solve them fast. Once done, you can proceed to the advanced levels.

SWOT Analysis:  This move is absolutely vital for the preparation as aspirants would learn the skill of eliminating wrong questions and select the right ones. Aspirants have to figure out the topic which they could use as their trump card and work on the ones where they have to raise their skills. With regular practice, one would be able to know the respective topics. Focus on the weak topics more while ensuring that you could hardly falter on the sections you could solve with ease in precision.

Work Smart:  Earlier, people used to say that success comes from hard work but the latest trend is in favour of smart work, as one who is smart wins the race. Smartness comes from simple things like practicing with the right kind of questions to using your time and resources wisely. The aptitude test does not require you to be mathematician and is actually a test of your decision making skills. Hence one does not have to know all the topics thoroughly.  One has to prioritize one topic over the other according to their relevance.

Practice Well:  This is quite self-explanatory as without practice, all the above points as you have to put in your efforts in such a way that results like IBPS PO Exam ones would come by your way by themselves showing your commitment towards your preparation.

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