Agricultural Education and Career Growth in Agriculture Field

ICAR stands for Indian Council of Agriculture Research and is an independent functional body which is responsibly empowering and coordinating, Agriculture Education & Research related to Agriculture in India. ICAR comes under the Department of Agricultural Research and Education, Ministry of Agriculture ever since its commencement as an autonomous body, standard for Quality of Education and Scientific Research have been redefined. Recently when ICAR 2018 was decided to be conducted online. Due to the lack of the technological advancement in all the Colleges, Students faced trouble in reading the questions as the monitors were displaying diminished data because of technical glitches. This all boils down to raising a petition in Adyar by a women stating that her daughter faced trouble in attempting the exam because of the Faulty Old Computers and Technical Glitches. This problem surfaced for the majority of students and they demanded a re-examination.


So, the 23rd ICAR 2018 Entrance Examination has been canceled and the results have been called off. The examination will be conducted again as per the schedule which will be published online.


India and its Riches 

India is among the largest producers of supplements in the world. Today India’s agriculture has become globalized and the support from Government is like never before. The spurt in Government started many research programs as well as courses for the students to Research and help make a change in the Agriculture Industry. Students from best engineering colleges in Jaipur are understanding how important it is to sustain the Agriculture Industry, and are registering for these courses. Not only do they strive and work hard but they also work smartly making decisions about what is needed in prior to earning a career which resonates well with their interests. They can choose any course according to their convenience. There are around 100000 students who appear for ICAR 2018 among which 20% of strength is Engineering Students, this enables them to join best agricultural courses in Post Graduation. There are a lot of engineering colleges in Jaipur which promote developing a Student into an Individual and encourage students to take up Agricultural Courses in Post Graduation by acknowledging their interests.

There are plenty of courses to choose from for all Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD students. There are many colleges which are accredited under ICAR 2018 such as National Research Centre’s, National Bureau’s, Central Institutes, NITs, IITs, etc. which offer Postgraduate and doctorate degrees in the field of agriculture. Unlike graduation in engineering is something that students don't do out of sheer interest or talent, they tend to do it under pressure and mostly it is the inevitable direction of things. Every one of us is blessed with different talents and skills. Many of them hold on to that talent and make that their career. This is because of the strong determination they have to achieve something of their interest. ICAR is renovating and rejuvenating the Higher Education system but with a blow inICAR 2018, the institution is completely responsible and understands it to the full extent. Though it has been taking jabs from the media and public, it is still in its way to accomplishing the dream of providing Quality Education and Breakthrough Research Programs.

Students from engineering colleges in Jaipur also sign up for researching with ICAR and help bring changes in the equipment for the peasants, consistently. There are a lot of achievements by ICAR in the field of research such as inventing the vaccine for bird flu, etc. But collaborations with engineering college has opened doors to bridge the gap between Research and Science field.

What Follows Next is an EVERGREEN Career!

 One can choose career under ICAR in the areas of research, one can become an Agricultural Research Scientists (ARS). Also, ICAR has a better option for agricultural graduates, postgraduates and for doctorate degree holders to get into the fertilizer industries. Bachelor degree holder can apply for some technical post in concerned discipline as well.

Also, agricultural universities recruit agricultural postgraduates for different posts from concerned fields of specialization. India has enormous potential in the field of agriculture given its vast landscape of agricultural planes and working class peasants, India has a long way to go.

 “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will, in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness” - David Zimmerman