Worlds largest cold desert

Gobi Mangolia

Gobi mangolia is the world largest cold desert. It covers parts of northern and northwestern china, and of southern mangolia.The measures of gobi is over 1600km from southwest to northeast and 800km from north to south.The widest part is the west of the desert. It is the fifth-largest desert in the world and Asia's largest. Much of the Gobi is not sandy but has exposed bare rock. The chinese names of gobi are shamo,hanhai.The Gobi is a cold desert, with frost and occasionally snow occurring on its dunes. Average winter temparatures are a frigid −40 °C (−40 °F) . Highest temparature is up to 50 °C (122 °F).

Gobi Desert

Due to desertification the Gobi desert is expanding at an alarming rate. The southern edge into China,  3,600 km2  of grassland overtaken every year by the Gobi Desert. Dust storms is the main cause which increases the frequency in the past 20 years, mainly due to desertification. It also affected China's agriculture economy.


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