Which is the slowest animal in the world?

Three Toed Sloth

Three towed sloth

The three-toed Sloth slowest is the slowest moving animal in the World.It moves at a top speed of 0.24 kilometres per hour.Three-toed sloths are about the size of a small dog or a large cat. They Often spend their lives hanging on to the trees.The three toed-Sloth are natives of South and Central America. An interesting fact of these animals is like, while they moving algae can grow on them, that much slow they are.Though they couldn't be clumsier on land, sloths are surprisingly good swimmers. They sometimes fall directly from rain forest trees into rivers and stroke efficiently with their long arms.The life span of the members of these species is around 25 to 30 years, reaching sexual maturation at two years of age.