Some interesting facts about Khone water falls

Khone Water Falls

Khone water falls

The Khone Falls is the largest water falls in southeast Asia and also it is the world's widest water falls. The khone waterfall is located on the Mekong River in southern Laos, near Cambodia. The area where khone water falls situated is known as 'The 4,000 islands'.

The The Khone Falls is truly spectacular sight that you will ever see. Another great reason for a visit is that the calm waters at the foot of the falls is home of Irrawaddy dolphins. In full flow the khone water falls is nearly twice as much as Niagara !!.

Some parameters of Khone water falls listed below

1)The highest falls : 21 metres;
2)The stretch: Over 9.7 km.
3)The average discharge of the cataract: 11,000 m3/s.
4)The highest volume  reached : Over 49,000 m3/s .
5)Nearby cities: Da Nang City, Quy Nhon city ( Bình Ð?nh province ), Cam Ranh city    
6)Coordinates:13°57'17"N   105°56'16"E