Karan was 4 times as old as his son 8 years ago. After 8 years, Karan will be twice as old as his son. What are their present ages?.

A) 40

B) 45

C) 50

D) 55


A person was asked to state his age in years. His reply was, "Take my age three years hence, multiply it by 3 and then subtract three times my age three years ago and you will know how old I am." What was the age of the person ?

A) 18 years

B) 20 years

C) 24 years

D) 32 years


My brother is 3 years elder to me. My father was 28 years of age when my sister was born while my mother was 26 years of age when I was born. If my sister was 4 years of age when my brother was born, then, what was the age of my father and mother respectively when my brother was born ?

A) 32 yrs, 23 yrs

B) 32 yrs, 29 yrs

C) 35 vrs, 29 yrs

D) 35 yrs, 33 yrs


If 6 years are subtracted from the present age of Gagan and the remainder is divided by 18, then the present age of his grandson Anup is obtained. If Anup is 2 years younger to Madan whose age is 5 years, then what is Gagan's present age ?

A) 48 years

B) 60 years

C) 84 years

D) 96 years


In 10 years, A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago. If A is now 9 years older than B, the present age of B is :

A) 19 years

B) 29 years

C) 39 years

D) 49 years