Rs.1000 is invested at 5% per annum simple interest. If the interest is added to the principal after every 10 years, the amount will becomes Rs2000 after

A) 15 Yrs

B) 18 Yrs

C) 20 Yrs

D) $16\frac{2}{3}$ Yrs

E) $13\frac{2}{3}$ Yrs


With rate of simple interest, the ratio of principal and amount for a certain period of time is $4:5$. After 3 years, with the same rate of interest, the ratio of the principal and amount becomes $5:7$. The rate of interest is

A) 4%

B) 6%

C) 5%

D) 7%

E) 9%


Raman invests a sum of Rs. 900 at 8%  simple interest and Gopi invests a sum of Rs. 1200 at $3\frac{1}{2}\%$ simple interest. After how much time will they both have equal amounts in their accounts ?

A) 20 Yrs

B) 30 Yrs

C) 40 Yrs

D) 10 Yrs

E) 15 Yrs


A certain sum of money amounts to Rs. 770 in one year and amounts to Rs. 847 in two years at certain rate of interest. Find the sum.

A) Rs. 770

B) Rs. 600

C) Rs. 500

D) Rs. 400

E) Rs. 650


What is the present worth of Rs. 132 due in 2 years at 5% simple interest per annum ?

A) Rs. 122

B) Rs. 112

C) Rs. 118.80

D) Rs. 120

E) Rs. 139.80