A man in a train notices that he can count 21 telephone posts in one minute. If they are known to be 50 metres apart, then at what speed is the train travelling ?

A) 60 km/hr

B) 70 km/hr

C) 50 km/hr

D) 40 km/hr

E) 90 km/hr


Which of the following trains is the fastest ?

A) 25 m/sec

B) 1500 m/min

C) 90 km/hr

D) All the three speeds are equal


A walk a certain distance and ride back taking a total time of 37 minutes. A could walk both ways in 55 minutes. How long would it take me to ride both ways ?

A) 19 min.

B) 18 min.

C) 17 min.

D) 16 min.

E) 15 min.


A goods train leaves a station at a certain time and at a fixed speed. After 6 hours, an express train leaves the same station and moves in the same direction at a uniform speed of 90 kmph. This train catches up the goods train in 4 hours. Find the speed of the goods train ?

A) 37 kmph.

B) 36 kmph.

C) 38 kmph.

D) 39 kmph.

E) 40 kmph.


If a man walks at the rate of 5 kmph, he misses a train by 7 minutes. However, If he walks at the rate of 6 kmph, he reaches the station 5 minutes before the arrival the train. Find the distance covered by him to reach the station.

A) 6 km.

B) 7 km.

C) 68 km.

D) 9 km.

E) 10 km.