X walked 35 m towards south, then turned left and walked 25 m and again turned left and walked for 35 m. He then turned to his right and walked 20 m. At what distance and direction from the starting point is X now standing?

A) 20 m west

B) 45 m east

C) 20 m east

D) 45 m north

E) 35 m north


Two persons ride towards each other from 2 places 55 km apart, one riding at 12 km/hr and the other 10 km/h. When will they be first 11 km apart .If they continue riding, after how much time will they be again 11 km apart?

A) 2 h,1 h

B) 3 h, 2h

C) 1 h, 2 h

D) 4 h, 2 h

E) None of these


Two trains 132 m and 108 m in length are running towards each other on parallel lines at the rate of 32 km/hand another at 40 km/h. In what time they be closer to each other from the moment they meet ?

A) 18 sec

B) 15 sec

C) 12 sec

D) 9 sec

E) 10 sec


A man standing on a 170 m long platform watches that a train takes  $7\frac{1}{2}$ seconds to pass him and 21 seconds to cross the platform. Find the length of the train and its speed.

A) $94\frac{4}{9}$ , $12\frac{16}{27}$

B) $92\frac{4}{9}$ , $12\frac{16}{27}$

C) $94\frac{4}{3}$ , $14\frac{16}{9}$

D) $94\frac{4}{3}$ , $14\frac{15}{9}$

E) None of these


A monkey climbing up greased pole ascends 5m and slips down 2 m in alternate minutes. If the pole is 35 m high, then the monkey will reach the top in

A) 22 min

B) 22 min 24 sec

C) 11 min 36 sec

D) 11 min 20 sec

E) 11 min