A power tin has a square base with side 8cm and height 13 cm.Another is cylindrical the radius with the radius of its base 7cm and height 15cm.Find the difference in their capacities.

A) 1400 cu.cm

B) 1478 cu.cm

C) 1369.9 cu.cm

D) 1628.1 cu.cm


The diameter of a garden rolle is 1.4m and it is 2m long.How much area will it cover in 5 revolution?

A) 22 sq.m

B) 44 sq.m

C) 66 sq.m

D) 40 sq.m


How many cubic metres of earth must be dug out to sink a well22.5m deep and diameter 7m?

A) $800m^{3}$

B) $845m^{3}$

C) $866.25m^{3}$

D) $832.5m^{3}$


A feild is 200m long and 150m broad.There is aplot, 50m long and 40m broad, near the feild.The plot is dug 7m deep and the earth taken out is spread evenly on the feild.By how many metres is the level of the filed raised?

A) 0.56 m

B) 0.32 m

C) 0.23 m

D) 0.47 m


Three equal cubes are placed adjacently in a row.Find the ratio of total surface area of the neww cuboid to thaat of the sum of the surface areas of the three cubes.

A) 7 : 9

B) 9 : 7

C) 3 : 2

D) 1 : 3