Three solid iron cubes whose edges measure 5x3x4 cm respectively, are melted down to form a new single solid cube.What is the surface area of this new cube?

A) 512 sq.cm

B) 216 sq.cm

C) 272 sq.cm

D) 126 sq.cm


A rectangular container is of size 12X8X4 cm.Howmany ice cubes of size 2 cm each can be placed in this container?

A) 48

B) 54

C) 8

D) 65


The radius of a sphere is r units.Each of the base andthe height of a right circular cylinder is also r units.What is the ratio of the volume of the shere to that of the cylinder?

A) 4:3

B) 3:4

C) 2:3

D) 3:2


A hemisphere of radius 6 cm is cast into a right circular cone of height 75 cm.What is the radius of the base of cone?

A) 1.4 cm

B) 2.4 cm

C) 2.6 cm

D) 3 cm


The radius of sphere is doubled.What would be the effect on the surface area of the sphere?

A) Becomes 16 times

B) Becomes 8 times

C) Becomes 4 times

D) Becomes 2 times