If $A= 3\hat{i}-2\hat{j}+\hat{k}, B= \hat{i}-3\hat{J}+5\hat{K} $and $C= 2\hat{i}+\hat{j}-4\hat{k}$ forn a right angled triangle, then out of the following which one is satisfied ?

A) A=B+C and $A^{2}=B^{2}+C^{2}$

B) A=B+C and $B^{2}=A^{2}+C^{2}$

C) B=A+C and $B^{2}=A^{2}+C^{2}$

D) B= A+C and $A^{2}=B^{2}+C^{2}$


A ray of light is incident normally on a glass slab of thickness 5 cm and refractive index 1.6. The time taken to travel by a ray from source to surface of the slab is the same as to travel through a glass slab. The distance of the source  from the surface is 

A) 4 cm

B) 8 cm

C) 12 cm

D) 16 cm


An alternating electric field of frequency v is applied across the dees (radius R) of a cyclotron to accelerate protons  (mass m). The operating magnetic field B used and KE of the proton beam produced by it are respectively(where, e= charge on proton).

A) $\frac{2\pi mv}{e},2\pi^{2}mv^{2}R^{2}$

B) $\frac{2\pi^{2} mv}{e^{2}},4\pi^{2}mv^{2}R^{2}$

C) $\frac{\pi^{} m^{}v^{}}{e^{}},\pi^{2}mv^{2}R^{2}$

D) $\frac{2\pi^{2} m^{2}v^{2}}{e^{2}},2\pi^{2}mv^{2}R^{2}$


With forwarding biased mode, the p-n junction diode.

A) is one in which width of depletion layer increases

B) is one in which potential barrier increases

C) acts as closed switch

D) acts as open switch


The molar specific heat of an ideal gas at constant pressure and constant volume is CP and CV respectively. If R is the universal gas constant and the ratio of CP TO CV is  $\gamma$, then CV


A) $\frac{1-\gamma}{1+\gamma}$

B) $\frac{1+\gamma}{1-\gamma}$

C) $\frac{\gamma-1}{R}$

D) $\frac{R}{\gamma-1}$