Direction to solve:

This section deals with questions that aim at analysing a candidate's ability to relate a certain given group of items and illustrate it diagrammatically.

Here are a few different types of Venn diagrams with their implications made clear



In the following question, classes are given. Out of that follow, you are to indicate the figure will best represent the relationship amongst the classes.

262021739_ven d2.JPG

A) Metal, Iron, Chlorine

B) Mammals, Cows, Crows

C) Women, Mothers, Widows

D) Authors, Teachers, Men

E) Automobiles, Cars,'Motor-cycles


The below question contains three elements. These three elements,may or may not have some linkage. Each group of the elements may fit into diagrams .You have to indicate groups of elements fit into diagrams given below. 


A) Week, Day, Year

B) Bus, Car, Vehicle

C) Judge, Thief, Criminal

D) Mustard, Barley, Potato

E) Vegetables, Potato, Cabbage