An angry customer wants to meet the senior manager for grievance reporting, What will you do?

A) TaIk to him yourself

B) Be patient and try to cool him down

C) Try to remove his inconveniences by consulting seniors

D) Tell him it is not easy to meet the senior manager


After graduation, you are offered a well-paid government job. However your friend says that you have to bribe to get an appointment letter. You

A) go to some influential politician who can help

B) accept the job by paying the bribe, consoling yourself that this is the present social setup

C) accept the job by paying the bribe, but firmly resolve that this is the last time you will Pay bribe

D) flatly refuse the offer


You are a social worker visiting an orphanage, there is one child who is not ready to let you go away.

A) You ignore the child because you have other kids to attend

B) You leave with no concern

C) You decide to visit him every sunday

D) You talk to authorities and arrange for parents who can adopt him


You have worked hard on an idea that you believe would be a breakthrough. But the presentation does not go as you had hoped it would. You

A) ignore all the suggestions and believe that you were correct

B) break down and get all the emotional

C) take this as a learning experience and convince yourself that you would do better the next time

D) feel like a loser


 Do you think that one should change his job often and face new situation ?

A) No, unless compelled one should not leave his old job

B) Yes, every new job is challenging and one should accept the challenge

C) No, as it takes time to get adjusted.

D) No as the new situation may not suit you