You come to know that your boss is writing a false report to the highest authority, What would you do ?

A) Meet your boss and directly protest against his actions

B) Discuss with your colleagues and then take step jointly

C) Somehow report the incident

D) Ignore and keep quiet


 If wrongly accused of something you would

A) Try to convince other, but without any hope of doing so

B) Try your best to convince others and hope that you succeed

C) not even try, as it would be of no use

D) be able to convince others of your innocence easily


A train is coming and you are standing at the station. Suddenly you notice that the railway track is,broken. You will

A) Leave the station

B) Inform the authorities to take necessary action

C) Use some means to stop train immediately

D) None of these


 You are in the parking area of a shopping complex. And, suddenly the electricity fails and there is total darkness. You will

A) Try and take help from some one around

B) Crawl towards your vehicle

C) Shout for help

D) Wait till the lights come


You are a guest at a dinner. The host asks you to take one more chapati after your stomach is full. you would

A) make a blunt refusal

B) take the chapati

C) politely say that the food was too good and you have already eaten much

D) make a bad face at him