After a purchase the shopkeeper returns Rs. 100 extra to you. You will

A) treat your friends to a lunch

B) offer Rs. 20 at a temple, and pray for more such instance

C) buy another and hope he will give another Rs. 100 extra

D) return the extra money to the shopkeeper


Your classmate, who got you in a fix recently with a teacher has met with an accident. You

A) carry on with life unaffected

B) feel that God taught him/her a lesson

C) decide to visit him/her in the hospital

D) tell others that this is the way one suffers for making others suffer


In a bus you realise that someone has left his/her wallet. You would

A) give the money to the beggar

B) hand it over to the bus conductor

C) try to find his/her contact number and inform the owner

D) leave the wallet as it is


"No risk no gain'' You

A) feel that risk means no gain

B) believe that this slogan is correct

C) feel it is foolish to accept unnecessary risk

D) feel that risk may be taken on after judging the situation thoroughly


If you are a manager and one of your employees is not working properly, as a manager you would

A) fire him

B) give the man two weeks to improve

C) try to develop the man's abilities and interest in another job

D) talk to him and try to find out his problem