Direction to solve:

Each of the questions given below consists of a question followed by three statements numbered I, II and III. Please read the questions and its statements carefully and decide which of the statement(s) is/are necessary to answer the question.


How much did Ram get as profit at the year-end in the business done by Nissam, Ram and Karan?

I. Karan invested Rs. $8000$ for $9$ months, his profit was $\frac{3}{2}$ times that of Ram's and his investment was $4$ times that of Nissam.

II. Nissam and Ram invested for one year in the proportion $1:2$ respectively.

III. The three together got Rs. $1000$ as profit at the year end.

A) Only I and II

B) Only I and III

C) Cannot be answered with all (I,II,III)

D) All I, II and III

E) None of these


A, B and C together start a business with a total investment of Rs. $15,000$. At the end of the year, the total profit  is Rs. $3000$. What is A's share in the profit ?

I. A's contribution is $\frac{3}{2}$ times B's

II. B's contribution is twice that of C.

III. A's contribution is thrice that of C.

A) I and III only

B) II and III only

C) All I, II and III

D) Any two of three

E) None of these


What is Z's share of profit in a joint venture?.

I) Y started business investing Rs. $80,000$.

II) Z joined him after $3$ months.

III) X joined after 4 months with a capital of Rs. $1,20,000$ and got Rs. $6000$ as his share of profit.

A) All I, II and III

B) I and III only

C) II and III only

D) Cannot be calculated with all (I, II,II)

E) None of these