The breadth of a room is twice its height, one half its lenght and the volume of the room is 512 cu.m.Find the height of the room.

A) 4m

B) 8m

C) 16m

D) 32m


Find the number of bricks measuring 25 cm in lenght, 5cm is breadth and 10cm in height for a wall 40 meters long, 75cm broad and 5 meters in height.

A) 144

B) 1440

C) 120000

D) 144000


A beam 9m long, 40 cm wide and 20 cm deepis made up of iron whihc weights 50 kg per cubic metre.FInd the weight of the beam?

A) 30 kg

B) 35 kg

C) 36 kg

D) 40 kg


A metalic sheet is of rectangular shape with measurements 48x36 cm.From each one of its corners a square of 8 cm is cut off.An open box ismade of the remaining sheet.What is the volume of the box?

A) $512 cm^{3}$

B) $5000 cm^{3}$

C) $5120 cm^{3}$

D) $5210 cm^{3}$


Two cubes each of 10cm edge are joined end to end.Find the surface area of the resulting cuboid.

A) 1000 sq.cm

B) 500 sq.cm

C) 600 sq.cm

D) 250 sq.cm