Which among the following is an example of allylic alcohol?

A) Propane-1,3-diol

B) 2-methylbut-3-en-2-ol

C) propane-1,2,3-triol

D) 2-phenyl propane-2-ol


Which of the following is not present in baking  powder?

A) Potassium hydrogen tartrate

B) sodium hydrogen carbonate

C) Starch

D) sodium carbonate


Identify  the tetradentate ligand from the following

A) Triethylene tetramine

B) Ethylene diamine tetracetato

C) Dimethyl glyoximato

D) Oxalato


How many electrons are involved in the reaction, when 0.40 F of electricity is passed through an electrolytic solution ?

A) $6.642\times 10^{25}$

B) $1.505\times 10^{25}$

C) $6.022\times 10^{25}$

D) $2.4088\times 10^{25}$


If concentration of reactant 'A' is increased by 10 times the rate  of reaction becomes 100 times . what is the order of reaction. if rate law is rate = k[A]x  ?

A) 3

B) 2

C) 4

D) 1