Identify the correct decreasing  order of densities of d-block elements

A) V > Cr > Fe > Ni

B) Ni > Fe > Cr > V

C) Fe > Ni > V > Cr

D) Cr > Fe > V > Ni


 For the reaction ,

 $N_{2}(g)+3H_{2}\rightarrow2NH_{3}(g) ; \triangle H$ is equal to

A) $\triangle U+2RT$

B) $\triangle U-RT$

C) $\triangle U-2RT$

D) $\triangle U+RT$


 A first-order reaction is 25 % completed in 40 minutes. What is the rate constant k for the reaction?

A) $\frac{2.303\times \log1.33}{40}$

B) $2.303\times \log\frac{4}{3}$

C) $\frac{2.303\times \log4}{40\times3}$

D) $\frac{2.303 }{40}\times\log \frac{1}{4}$


 Which carbon atoms of $\alpha$- D- glucopyranose and $\beta $- D- fructofuranose respectively are linked together to form glycosidic linkage  in sucrose ?

A) C-2 of $\alpha$-D-glucopyranose and C-2 of $\beta $- D fructofuranose

B) C-1 of $\alpha$-D-glucopyranose and C-2 of $\beta $- D fructofuranose

C) C-1 of $\alpha$-D-glucopyranose and C-6 of $\beta $- D fructofuranose

D) C-2 of $\alpha$-D-glucopyranose and C-3 of $\beta $- D fructofuranose ?


 An element has a bcc structure with cell edge of 288 pm . The density of element is 7.2 g cm-3. what is the atomic mass of an element ?

A) 25.89

B) 51.78

C) 77.68

D) 62.43