The radius of the circle  passing through the points (5,7),(2,-2) and (-2,0) is

A) 2 units

B) 5 units

C) 3 units

D) 4 units


 The points of discontinuity of the function

$f(x)= \frac{1}{x-1}, if 0\leq x\leq2$

   $= \frac{x+5}{x+3}, if 2< x\leq4$

 in its domain are

A) x=1,x=2

B) x=0, x=2

C) x=2 only

D) x=4 only


 If A = {x,y,z}, B= {1,2}  , then the total number of relations from  set A to set B are

A) 8

B) 64

C) 32

D) 16


 The  symbolic  form of the following circuit is (where p,q represents  switches S1 and S2 closed respectively )


A) $(p\wedge q)\wedge (\sim p\wedge \sim q)=l$

B) $(p\wedge [q\wedge (\sim p\wedge \sim q)=l$

C) $(p\vee q)\vee (\sim p\wedge \sim q)=l$

D) $(p\vee [q\wedge (\sim p\wedge \sim q)=l$


If   $\sqrt{\frac{x}{y}}+\sqrt{\frac{y}{x}}=4$, then  $\frac{dy}{dx}=$

A) $\frac{7y-x}{y-7x}$

B) $\frac{y-7x}{7x-y}$

C) $\frac{y+7x}{7y-x}$

D) $\frac{7x+y}{x-7y}$