$R-NC$     $\underrightarrow{LiAlH_{4}}$   P

 The product P in this reaction is 

A) $R-NH_{2}$

B) $R-NH-CH_{3}$

C) $R-CH_{3}$

D) $R-N-(CH_{3})_{2}$


 Acetophenone and benzophenone can be distinguished by which of the following test 

A) Knoeveangel reaction

B) Canizzaro's reaction

C) Aldol Condensation

D) HVZ reaction


Which one of the following show stereoisomerism ?

A) 2-Butene

B) 3-Methyl but-1-ene

C) 2-Methyl butene

D) Butanol


 By which reaction ketal is formed ?

A) Glycol and Acetone

B) Hydration of glycol

C) Condensation of glycol

D) Glycol with acetaldehyde


 Which of the two acids form anhydrides?

(I) Oxalic acid (II)  Succinic acid (III) Benzoic acid (IV)  Phthalic acid

A) I and II

B) II and IV

C) II and III

D) III and IV