Esterification of the acid chloride with ethanol is usually carried out in the presence of pyridine.The function of pyridine is 

A) to remove HCl formed in the reaction

B) to react with acid chloride to form an acylpyridinium ion

C) both (a) and (b)

D) as a catalyst


Which of the following name reaction is not used for introducing a -COOH group?

A) Cannizzaro reaction

B) Benzilic acid rearrangement

C) Baeyer-Villiger oxidation

D) Iodoform reaction


 Phenol undergoes electrophilic substitution more easily than benzene because

A) -OH group exhibits +M effect and hence increases the electron density on the o- and p-positions

B) oxocation is more stable than the carbocation

C) both (a) and (b)

D) -OH group exhibits acidic character


Anisole  is treated with HI under two different condition         

  C+D  $\underleftarrow{HI(g)}$   $C_{6}H_{5}OCH_{3}$  $\underrightarrow{conc. HI}$  A+B

 the nature of A  to D will be

A) A and B are $CH_{3}I $and $ C_{6}H_{5}OH$ while C and D are $CH_{3}OH$ and $C_{6}H_{5}I$

B) A and B are $CH_{3}OH$ and $C_{6}H_{5}I$ , while C and D are $CH_{3}I $and $ C_{6}H_{5}OH$

C) Both A and B as wella s both C and D are $CH_{3}I $and $ C_{6}H_{5}OH$

D) A and B are $CH_{3}I $and $ C_{6}H_{5}OH$ while there is no reaction in the second case


The wave number of  first emission line in the Balmer series of H- spectrum is (R= Rydberg constant)

A) $\frac{5}{36}R$

B) $\frac{9}{400}R$

C) $\frac{7}{6}R$

D) $\frac{3}{4}R$