If the differential equation for a simple harmonic motion is $\frac{d^{2}y}{dt^{2}}+2y = 0$, the time period of the motion is

A) $\pi\sqrt{2}$ sec

B) $\frac{\sqrt{2s}}{\pi}$ sec

C) $\frac{\pi}{\sqrt{2}}$ sec

D) $2\pi$ sec


When a system is taken from state i to state f along the path iaf, it is found that Q = 50 cal and W = 20 cal. Along the path ibf Q = 36 cal W along the Path ibf is


A) 14 cal

B) 6 cal

C) 16 cal

D) 66 cal


The surface of a metal is illuminated with a light of 400 nm. The kinetic energy of the ejected Photoelectrons was found to be 1.68  eV. The work function of the metal is?

(hc =  1240eV.nm)

A) 3.09 eV

B) 1.42 eV

C) 1.51eV

D) 1.68 eV


A planet revolves in an elliptical orbit around the sun. The semi-major and semi-minor axes are a and b. Then the square of time period T is directly proportional to

A) $a^{3}$

B) $b^{3}$

C) $\left(\frac{a + b}{2}\right)^3$

D) $\left(\frac{a - b}{2}\right)^3$


A liquid is allowed to flow into a tube of truncated cone shape. Identify the correct statement from the following.

A) The speed is high at the wider end and low at the narrow end

B) The speed is low at the wider end and high at the narrow end.

C) The speed is same at both ends in a stream line flow.

D) The liquid flows with uniform velocity in the tube