Going 50 m to the South of her house, Radhika turns left and goes another 20 m. Then, turning to the North, she goes 30 m and then starts walking to her house. In which direction is she walking now?

A) North west

B) North

C) South-east

D) East


A man walks 1 km towards the East and then he turns to the South and walks 5 km. Again he turns to East and walks 2 km, after this, he turns to North and walks 9 km. Now, how far is he from his starting point?

A) 3 km

B) 4 km

C) 5 km

D) 7 km


Sanjeev walks 10 metres towards the south. Turning to the left, he walks 20 metres and then moves to his right. After moving a distance of 20 metres, he turns to the right and walks 20 metres. Finally, he turns to the right and moves a distance of 10 metres. How far and in which direction he from the starting point ?

A) 10 metres North

B) 20 metres South

C) 20 metres North

D) 10 metres South

E) None of these


A villager went to meet his uncle in another village situated 5 km away in the North-east direction of his own village. From there he came to meet his father-in-law living in a village situated 4 km in the south of his uncle's village. How far away and in what direction is he now?

A) 3 km in the North

B) 3 km in the East

C) 4 km in the East

D) 4 km in the West


Amit walked 30 metres towards East, took a right turn and walked 40 metres. Then he took a left turn and walked 30 metres. In which direction is hp now from the starting point?

A) North-east

B) East

C) South-east

D) South

E) None of these